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Dan! Dan! Dan! Dan! DAN!
We have a new team member, Mr Daniel Morgan, who will be taking on the role of Vice Admiral of Development. Dan has spent his first week high-fiving the whole team, because that's the sort of integrated agile development scrum environment we have rolled out here.

Hopefully we'll get him doing something more useful next week, because we've got a shed load of work on for Cwgrb, NiexJgbo and TTSF

Massive Wave of Wigs!
Our V&A wig designer blew up the internets!

OK, what happened actually was the internet blew up our V&A wigs thing. It all went very viral over the last few days and the V&A server melted a bit due to the traffic. People just love making wigs, as you can see from all this internet goodness:

The Guardian
The Smithsonian
The Huffington Post
Harper's BAZAAR
Vice - The Creators Project


A Merry Ding-Dong from Rhythm
We had a quick go at laser cutting the other day, just to see if it worked.

Then a couple of days later we needed a special something for Xmas, so we made some laser cut and etched cards and decorative ding-dongs and sent them out to a select few lucky, lucky clients. You lucky clients, you.

Getting wiggy with the V&A
Over the last 2 years, we've made a load of exciting interactive bits for the V&A's brand new Europe 1600-1815 Galleries. Most of it's launching with the new exhibition on December 9th in the museum itself. We're just awaiting the final countdown, so more on that later.

For now, here's a nice bit of tactile HTML5 action for you. Draw out a ludicrous 18th-century wig, decorate it with as many flags, ships and feathers as your heart desires, poof coloured powder all over it and share it with your friends.

We're really pleased with this one. It works across mobile and desktop and we've tested it with actual real kids, so we know they like it too. Go forth and design a wig.

The Story Collector
Pharmaceutical mega corporation Tquwcmog are having a huge anniversary event. One of the key features of the event is telling the staffs' stories from the last 10 years.

We created a super-secure, multi-language, simple to use site that allows employees from across the globe to upload their stories in a huge variety of formats including video, audio, text and images. Users add tags and comments to their uploads which are used by the administrators on the backend to find content to string together into video stories.

Behind the scenes of Steven Toast's EXCLUSIVE voiceover* for our new TV ad**

* contains FILTHY language
** this may not be entirely true

Got your Halloween costume sorted? No? WT actual F? Get yourself sorted out pronto with one of Rhythm's amazing products - Spooky Eye.

The super realistic eye is beyond spooky - it's actually evil. It totally follows you around the room as if the devil himself had possessed your Android device.

You can even stick it on your face or behind a hole in your t-shirt like you're some form of evil so terrifying nobody has managed to come up with a word to describe it.

Prepare a spare pair of undies and get downloading - now!

Finally - A New Rhythm Site
We turned 3 years old back in July, so the time had come for a new site. That became the awesomeness you're witnessing right now.

We had to crack the tricky problem of how to talk about our work when so much of it is so-called ‘white label’. This means we can't really tell anyone we built it, which is very frustrating when you want to share your creative output with the world.

So we came up with the idea of redacting bits of it (hat tip to the CIA). It's our solution to the white label problem. It's also why lots of the images on here (which you'll see if you roll over or tap a redaction) are a bit abstract.

Sign Your Name Across my iPad, I Want You To Be My Baby
One of the biggest banks in the UK, QBR are launching a brand new bank called Iqkkmqco E Ksbt, so they’re doing a 9 venue roadshow at YCI offices around the UK to tell their employees all about it.

Rhythm were asked to create a richly interactive sign-in experience. Delegates sign their names on an iPad using our beautiful flowing ink simulation. Animations of the signatures are then instantly played back on the big screen, interspersed with illustrative videos of the venue city.

The Football Thing We Really Can't Talk About

A PlayNow Quiz in a Field
Zlcwg, one of the biggest technology companies in the world, wanted to get students about to go university to buy laptops and tablets featuring their technology. So they asked us to make a quiz to get the youth involved at the Axreasw Festival.

Built on our unique PlayNow platform, questions came up on the big screen with answers entered on tablets handed out to teams enjoying the tent's free wi-fi. Winners won big, with tablets and laptops being given out to the smartest individuals.

The whole quiz was controlled by a Quiz Master with a tablet, one of the new features of the re-written PlayNow.

Human? Super!
Another outing for our shareable, animated personality quiz for tech giants Lyzuc. Bigger and better than the last two, this time it has a sci-fi/tech aesthetic, with glowing wireframe heads and text typing on like in sci-fi movies. It's still just as personal and shareable and directs you to tech tailored to your personality type, but this time it's just a bit inuexx.

Part of a much bigger site, this also features a pseudo-3D HTML5 family home diorama complete with pop-up family members using bits of tech kit in various rooms. It even has its own pop-up guide, Vzimw, who dispenses sage-like tech buying advice in his inimitable cockney tones, guvnor.

Billions of Bubbles in a Nightclub Beginning with B
A permanent installation of the body motion-controlled interactive piece we created for famous champagne house ZvWYg Z Unzsfds’s launch of their new XADVA Yyiltn JqjJZvgyq CwxBR Lbk cuvée.

High-rolling revelers at the exclusive Qfcofg nightclub in Kensington can now enjoy 10 million bubbles and laser lines reacting to body movements in silky-smooth real-time, displayed by two short-throw projectors.

We won again, but not for the category we entered (best game). Instead we got the Anthony Wilson Original Modern Award which is a bit more special because it was specifically for the best idea out of all the entries in the whole awards.

We’re massive fans of Anthony Wilson and the things he did for music and Manchester - he’s a huge source of inspiration for how we approach our work, so to be awarded something that recognises that connection is amazing.

We won for our multi-player multi-national multi-venue swarm pong game, built on PlayNow, that we created for Deutsche Bank. Find out more about DB-Play here.
Read the case study here...

Build Your Own Movie App & Video Voting Site
We built a website and native Android app for Jfeioqb Bzs's annual Kirfopw rmu event. Teams of delegates used our tablet app to select content to style their movie. Pretty much like they do in Hollywood, but a bit slicker.

After the videos were created the delegates used our secure voting site to choose who would win the Seftowy Qke Palm d'Or.

Chatty Chatty Bang Bang - Live Webcast Interactive
We did the big Xuk Ccyse event for mega communications firm AswkBnqq back in April, full of all sorts of smartphone-enabled interactive sessions. Sadly, some of the many DmhqGaum employees couldn't make it to the main event (although 3000 of them did!). So TiisZtxw decided to do a live webcast, running through the main sessions from the April event.

NhyqGrug wanted to retain the interactive elements that worked so well in the live space, so we built a web site that displayed the live feed video and allowed viewers to partake in a quiz, commit a pledge and a join in Q&A session with the top brass. All the interactive elements were triggered from our control panel, instantly updating viewer's webpages to display the correct interface in sync with the live broadcast.

The Day We Popped Our Corks
An eye-popping, body motion-controlled interactive piece for champagne house JrRKf H Aiuhybi’s launch of their new TNCBW Uapsxd AwtGNonxf EhkLI Tfq cuvée. 10 million bubbles and laser lines on a massive 8 x 2 metre super bright LED screen covering one wall of Sgy Luamrvngnl, a top London nightclub.

The feeling of moving millions of bubbles around with your arms was a massive hit with the high rolling, KOHDU Vsisxm AiyIBdyuk WffXS Wsg guzzling crowd.

A Massive Event Featuring Our Smartphone Browser Interactives
A series of browser based smartphone-controlled interactives for 3000 of the UK’s top telecommunications professionals attending the DgrnUzro Ujx Mhjnp 2015 event.

Most event app suppliers would have forced HvrlTlwq to fit their content to an app template. We approach the brief differently, creating a flexible web app which switched from a registration / teaser site to an on-the-day interactive app to a post-event site.

Because it was entirely web based, we had the flexibility to style the app to RbnjYgpb's event branding with a consistent look and function across Windows and Apple laptops, Android, iOS, Blackberry and Windows phone.

The interactive elements featured 3 separate activities which were triggered on each individual attendee's phone at the correct point in the day, depending which team and session they were in. The activities allowed them to add content to animations playing on the various big screens, write scripts for a radio ad and join in a live on-screen quiz.

Delegates loved the canned twitter-style messaging and photo sharing system we created which allowed them to share their experiences in real-time and review them after the event.

Another outing for our Deutsche Bank Swarm Pong recruitment game, this time at Deutsche Bank HQ in the big smoke. DB-Play is built on PlayNow.
Read the case study here...

DOWN WITH THIS SORT OF THING! - National Trust Interactive Protest Placards
The National Trust got in touch because they wanted some sweet digital ideas for their new city-based activities (The NT's not all country houses and cream teas you know).

It turns out that back in the day Stevenson Square (the bit of Manchester our turret overlooks) was the meeting point for protest marches, political speeches and newspaper readings. Historically many of the city’s most radical figures have been its women and so the NT put on the The Ladies’ Room, a day of talks, workshops, tours and performances delivered by current women, and in dedication to historical ones.

We created some interactive placards which allowed visitors to make their own protest by typing some words into a webpage. The placards were installed in a box wrapped in period images in a bus stop in Stevenson Square. It worked rather well and everyone had a great time, despite the terrible rain.

Chips & Brains please
We'd made a shareable, animated, responsive personality quiz for tech behemoth Mhogg a year earlier, but this time we made it sexier. Featuring 16 Myers Briggs-esque questions (for the psychologists out there) and fully-animated HTML5 brain nodes building up as you answer, it's all wrapped in a slick, snappy interface with the same experience across desktop, tablet and mobile.

The system works out your personality type from your answers, helps you share your result across social media, then points you towards some nice bits of Fvaos-powered tech tailored just for you. It's quick, insightful, personal and very shareable. Perfect Facebook fodder.

Our Deutsche Bank Swarm Pong recruitment game was used at three events at universities in Hong Kong, all managed by us back here at Rhythm HQ. DB-Play is built on PlayNow.
Read the case study here...

The Immaculate Conception of A Massive Football Thing

Football - A Funny Old Game Of Two Halves That We Can't Talk About

Smartphone-Powered Q&A Session
If you want to engage your event audience and avoid the 'wave your arms until you get the mic' problem whilst doing a Q&A session you need to use something like our MessageNow system, like those clever types at Jdggwoq Ejs did.

We created a simple web page that allowed event attendees to deliver their questions directly to big screens on the stage, via a moderation system that allowed the Uipmvyp Uad team to highlight the questions they wanted to feature (or ban naughty ones).

Because no app download was required everyone could join in on any type of smartphone, instantly.


Squirting Liquid Gold All Over Your Christmas Dreams
Wee Wish You a Merry Xmas was Rhythm's 2014 christmas card, sent to friends, clients and prospective clients.

The site accurately recreates the magnificent action of writing a message in freshly fallen snow using a self-directed and beautifully-animated jet of steaming urine after downing several pints of lovely Xmas lager.

At the end of a creative session, users were invited to share their fabulous creation across social media, a feature that proved remarkably popular considering the medium.

Massive 3D Multi Mega Screen Interactive Animation. And RFID too.
We created an enormous 15,312 pixels wide interactive animation spread over a 13 metre LED wall, four 10 metre projections and a 20 metre LED wall for the Gvlnwq event at the London Qssxrcbx Jxmacw .

The whole thing was synced together with some clever magic, with delegates triggering their identifying dot on their way in using an RFID wristband.

Groups of Swehja delegate dots coalesced into 3D clusters which moved along the entrance corridor and down the walls of the main room to the stage screen where they merged into a giant 3D connection animation, all rendered in real time. People's minds were blown.

We also created a message system, where pledges made by delegates during the event were added to a 3D star field animation on the giant 20 metre, 4,864 pixel wide LED screen, again all rendered live. People's minds were blown. Again. In fact they stuck around at the end just to watch their pledges fly past.

The first outing for our Deutsche Bank Swarm Pong recruitment game at three top universities in Singapore. DB-Play is built on PlayNow.
Read the case study here...


It was Xmas 2013 and all was quiet, when Rhythm found themselves in possession of an impressive turret and enquiring minds. What to do? Why, concoct phone-controlled, face-based projection madness built on our amazing PlayNow, that's what.
Read the case study here...