What Do Rhythm Do?

Rhythm create interactive digital experiences for physical spaces, the internet and mobile devices.

Talk To The Organ Grinder, Not The Monkey

We’re only small, which means every project gets the A team, every time. We don't have a sales team or account managers, we're just some guys who are adept at understanding clients' briefs and coming up with technically-sound, innovative and creative solutions.

We've learned these skills through years of industry experience working with clients small, large and very large.

Rhythm HQ, yesterday

We work with big brands who come to us because we solve problems your average digital agency can’t. Nearly every project we create has a chunk of R&D where we learn something new to solve a problem. We also create our own innovative products.

WebGL blobs and lines (probably) floating in goo

Clients often come to us with ideas that for one (often technical) reason or another just shouldn't be possible. We love a challenge.

An HTML5 canvas brain thing of some sort or other
eyeOS (sorry)

Along the way, we create all sorts of prototypes and experiments like these. Some to develop ideas for clients, some for ourselves.

Just a great big onion


PlayNow is our flexible, evolving platform that connects hundreds of mobile phones to a single big screen with no app download required.

We've produced various projects built on PlayNow for some major names we can't tell you about on pain of death. Here's our award-winning work for Deutsche Bank's worldwide student recruitment: