DB-Play - Multi Player Pong for Deutsche Bank

‘DB-Play’ is the first commercial implementation of an entirely new style of game created for groups of people with smartphones in a shared physical space.

Rhythm were asked by ThirtyThree to use their unique PlayNow technology to create a multiplayer version of a classic arcade ping pong game for use at a Deutsche Bank graduate recruitment events globally. The game was designed to fit with the Deutsche Bank brand as part of their global graduate campaign.

Players instantly join in a multiplayer ping pong game displayed on a big screen at the event by entering a URL in their phone’s browser (no app download required).

After entering a screen name, players join the game, controlling a ‘paddle’ on the big screen by moving a ‘paddle’ on their phone’s screen. Players work together as a teams of up to 100 to win the game whilst also competing as individuals to hit the ball more times than anyone else.

At the end of a game, players are shown how they fared on a high score table. They’re then prompted on their phone to register to receive information about Deutsche Bank’s entry level opportunities, a feature which generated an incredible response.

The game has so far been used at 17 events and has harvested thousands of sets of contact details, with more events planned in the UK and Australia.

To facilitate worldwide use, Rhythm’s technical solution allows separate game instances to be deployed simultaneously at multiple locations around the world, including universities across Asia, the USA and Europe.

Rhythm worked around complex local network limitations so users could join in seamlessly using their phone’s cellular data connections.

All instances of the game are managed from Rhythm’s Manchester HQ which coordinates server management, support and data harvesting.