Adventurous Front Ender Required

Have you got skills in CSS and JS? Are you bored of banging out web sites that look and smell the same? Do you dream of using your mad skillz for projects where you don’t know if what you’re trying is even possible (but you have a feeling it probably is)?

Rhythm HQ, right now

Rhythm work with big brands creating projects that combine smartphones, touchscreens, projections, sensors, cameras, cutting edge web tech and, of course, lasers*. We have an office in Manchester’s Northern Quarter with a freaking turret.

If you want to mix up technologies in new and interesting ways, come and work with us.

You will also need:

• An overwhelming desire to make stuff work

• A sense of adventure, brave enough to try the new thing

• A desire to deliver, knowing when the old thing is better

• To be head over heels in love with quality

• An understanding that JQuery !== JS

• A couple of agency or freelance years under your belt

*one day

Send us your stuff

Send us an email telling us about you, with some links to work/experiments/whatever you’ve done which you think will excite us. If we like what we see we’ll invite you in for a chat.

Rhythm HQ, yesterday